Google stops censoring Chinese search results, moves HQ to Hong Kong

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Google have stopped censoring their users search results in China, after relations between the US company and Chinese officials rapidly deteriorated in the past few months. Google have now moved their Chinese-language search engineers to new offices away from mainland…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 11-June-2007: BlackBerry Curve, iPhone, TorrentSpy, Sony, Vista, Flickr, Charlie Brooker, Facebook

Katherine Hannaford Daily Tech Hotlinks, Digital Music, Mobile phones, Web 2.0, Websites Leave a Comment

-ZDNet catches RIM out by Googling ‘iPhone’, and discovering one of the sponsored links is for the BlackBerry Curve, tsk tsk.
– The end is nigh, as one of the largest BitTorrent sites, TorrentSpy, has been ordered to monitor its users’ online activities, to then be handed over to the MPAA. Goodbye, oh fair Lost downloads…
– Sony has a bee in its bonnet…

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