Skype five-way video chat added in 5.0 beta

The Skype 5.0 beta release was launched this week, bringing with it the ability to hold five-way video chat sessions amongst your group of contacts. Much like in an instant messaging conversation, you can now add contacts to chat sessions,…

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Gerald LynchSkype five-way video chat added in 5.0 beta

Facebook security flaw lets you spy on friends' live chats

Oh dear. Tips of quite a big security flaw in Facebook starting to trickle in. As detailed in the above video, a newly found flaw in the social network's security procedures means that any user can view the live…

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Gerald LynchFacebook security flaw lets you spy on friends' live chats

Microsoft unveil Windows Live Messenger Wave 4

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has lifted the lid on the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, dubbed "Wave 4". Better video chat, photo sharing, social network and cloud integration are top of the agenda in this latest revamp, Ballmer told…

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Gerald LynchMicrosoft unveil Windows Live Messenger Wave 4

5 things we greedily still want Spotify to add

Spotify rolled out a pretty extensive update to it's streaming service this morning. Adding robust social networking features, Spotify now links in with your Facebook account for lightning fast music sharing between your friends, as well as syncing up your…

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Gerald Lynch5 things we greedily still want Spotify to add

Cross-game chat on the PS3 to be subscription-based only?

According to the US Official PlayStation magazine, the PS3 may well soon be getting cross-game chat capabilities, thanks to a PlayStation Network update. However, the feature may be set to come at a price, limited to those who take on…

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Gerald LynchCross-game chat on the PS3 to be subscription-based only?

YouTube testing real-time chat


Video-sharing site YouTube has been increasing the ‘social network’ aspects of the site gradually over the years, but it’s just taken a big step towards that by the announcement that it’s testing a social chat layer over videos.

Users will be able to talk to their friends while watching videos, and you’ll be able to see what videos they’re watching. You can also recommend videos in real-time. It’s still a little clunky, but TechCrunch has a full review on their website.

(via TechCrunch)

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Duncan GeereYouTube testing real-time chat

GMail adds voice and video chat


Yet more new features for everyone’s favourite webmail client, Google Mail. This time, the team has enabled video and voice chatting on the service, which joins SMS, OpenID, Calendar and Doc gadgets and emoticon support on the feature list.

Google’s going to be rolling out the new functionality over the course of today, so if you can’t get it yet, then try again a little later. To get to it, you’ll need to install a small plugin, which you can pick up here, and then it’ll appear in the bottom of your chat windows.

Let us know in the comments how it performs on your broadband connection, and how you think it compares to similar services, like Skype.

Google Video Chat (via Official GMail Blog)

Related things Google has added to Gmail recently: SMS | OpenID | Calendar and Doc gadgets | Emoticon support

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Duncan GeereGMail adds voice and video chat