iPhone accessories aplenty as Griffin open first brick-and-mortar store at Westfield Stratford

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Leading iPhone accessory makers Griffin have opened their first brick-mortar store. And despite the company hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, they've picked good old Blighty (and more specifically the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford to play host to it. Showcasing their…

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Griffin launch PowerJolt range of iPad easy-charging gear

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Griffin have launched a wide new range of charging solutions for Apple's new toy, the iPad. First up is the PowerJolt Micro. Despite being a compact in-car charger, it still offers 2.1 Amps of charging power, the fastest charge that…

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Duracell Batteries Rechargeable Accu range – Review

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Name: Rechargeable Accu range – StayCharged Cells, Instant Charger, Fast 1 Hour Charger and Easy Charger (Duracell) Type: Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and portable USB power Prices: Instant Charger – £34.99, Fast 1 Hour Charger – £29.99, Easy Charger -…

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Wireless Charging Dock Duo charges two Wii remotes cable-free

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Kamikaze gear are launching the Wireless Charging Dock Duo for the Nintendo Wii console, allowing two controllers to be charged simultaneously via induction. It's good news for clumsy Wii owners who cover their controllers in those rubbery casings to protect…

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Mobile phones and gadgets to charge themselves?

Paul Lamkin Energy systems 1 Comment


What if you never had to plug any of your gadgets in to charge them ever again? No stray wires running around your walls, no need to remember to pack numerous chargers when going on holiday and of course there are the financial and ecological benefits as well.

Well, this could well become a possibility. Nokia has got their boffins in Cambridge working on a technique whereby a phone can remain in standby mode and effectively charge itself using just ambient radio waves.

I’m no scientist, but I’ve done the research and I understand it as thus:

Waves in the air, such as Wi-Fi, radio, television and so forth can be harnessed and converted into enough juice to power your gadgets.

The system needs a bit more developing though, currently the boffins are only able to gather between three to five milliwatts of power and they need this figure to be more like 50 milliwatts in order for it to work in practice.

If they do manage to master this system, the possibilities are pretty immense. On the flip side, how scary is it that, potentially, there is enough electricity floating about in the air to charge mobile phones? How our brains don’t get frazzled remains a mystery to me.

(via NokNok)

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Opinion: All YOU want for Christmas is an iGo!

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Jon_smal.gifSo there I was, going away for a festive weekend break to the Christmas markets of Brussels in Belgium with the other half. Thankfully, I was taking Eurostar rather than flying and there’s no real luggage restrictions. And what else was different about this trip to the dozens of foreign jaunts I’ve had in the past?

Well, for once I didn’t have to lug about 73 different leads and chargers with me – making my bag feel like it’s full of bricks and my shoulder cracking under the weight.

Yes, I’ve finally managed to break out the iGO I’ve had sitting in my cupboard for a few months and boy, is it one of those little life-changing gadgets that only really come around once in a while…

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