HD Winter Olympics headed to Freesat

As if you weren't already sick of snow as it is, Freesat have today confirmed that you'll be able to watch all the coverage from this years 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics in high-definition, at no extra charge. The HD coverage…

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Gerald LynchHD Winter Olympics headed to Freesat

Wii Speak gets detailed pricing info


If you’ve been craving the release of Animal Crossing Wii, then you’ll know that it comes bundled with the rather-exciting Wii Speak voice chat system that works as a smart speaker and microphone, so that not everyone needs their own headset. We’ve got the release date (December 5th), but until today, we didn’t know how much the whole bundle was going to cost.

Now, however, I can tell you. The full bundle – Animal Crossing and Wii Speak – will cost £60. Just the Wii Speak bundle will cost £25. Just the game will cost £40. That’s pretty much average for an accessoried game, I suppose. One for my Christmas list, I think.

Wii Speak (via Eurogamer)

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Duncan GeereWii Speak gets detailed pricing info

History Channel to launch on Sky HD

Good news for Sky HD subscribers – you'll soon be able to watch re-runs of World At War or perhaps some more contemporary historical programming, with the launch of The History Channel HD from Thursday 26th October. The channel will…

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Dave WalkerHistory Channel to launch on Sky HD