Breffo Adventure Camera Kit adds GoPro-like mounting to many digital cameras

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Breffo's Adventure Camera Kit, first revealed at CES 2013, has now gone on sale, letting courageous photographers safely mount their cameras in all manner of high-octane scenarios. Building on the success of the accessory makers Spiderpodium, the kit features eight…

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CES 2013: Best of the show – Razer Edge, Sony 4K UHD OLED TV, Xperia Z and more!

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With the end of yet another Consumer Electronics Show drawing near, it's time to look back on a week of newly unveiled tech goodies, sifting the wheat from the chaff as we run down our favourite gadgets from CES 2013….

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CES 2013: Nokia promise future PureView camera innovations in the pipeline

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Nokia have announced that they are working on new, "very cool" PureView camera projects. Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technologies at Nokia, said via Nokia's Conversations blog: "We're really driving for innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the…

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CES 2013: Samsung reveal Youm bendy OLED display, headed to future phones

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Prone to sitting on or dropping (and subsequently breaking) your phone? Such butter-fingered follies may soon become carefree moments thanks to durable, flexible displays. Samsung have been showing off their own version of the futuristic technology at CES 2013, revealing…

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