10 great retro gadgets up for grabs on eBay

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Smartphones, tablets, 3D TVs; who needs em? Back in my day it wasn't about whether or not your mobile could multi-task, but rather if it would fit in your rucksack without the weight of it snapping your spine in two….

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CES 2009: Casio compacts – Exilim EX-Z400, EX-Z270, EX-S12, EX-S5, EX-FS10 and EX-FC100

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Gosh, what a long list of product names. No time for a long, gratuituous intro then, let’s jump straight into specs.

The big hitters are the EX-FS10 and EX-FC100. The former has a 9.1-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. It’s 16.3mm thin, and has a 2.5″ LCD display. The latter is also 9.1 megapixel, and expands to a 5x zoom and 2.7″ touchscreen. It’s also got CMOS anti-shake.

Impressively, though, they can both capture at amazingly high speeds – 30 shots-per-second 6-megapixel still images, and movies at up to 1,000fps. That speed is going to good use, too – you can set it to take a burst, and automatically pick the least blurred, smiliest, eyes-open photo, or you can pick the best one yourself. It’ll also do 720p HD video. $350 (£231) for the EX-FS10, and $400 (£264) for the EX-FC100, both out in March in the US.

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Casio intros new ELIXIM EX-FH20 digital camera

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Casio has announced the latest digital camera in its burgeoning EXILIM range. The EX-FH20 boasts some pretty impressive credentials, including 9.1 megapixel sensor, 26mm equivalent wide-angle lens with 20x optical zoom, CMOS shift anti-shake function, and some nifty burst shooting modes.

If you’re feeling the need to practice your paparazzi skills, the EX-FH20 could be for you. It can take seven megapixel still images at up to 40 frames per second, and can even capture the action before the shutter button is pressed. That means if you’re not completely on the ball, you can still capture that candid moment…

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Casio announces three new EXILIM digital cameras with face recognition and vainness mode

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Casio has announced three additions to its EXILIM range of compact digital cameras, all boasting high megapixel counts and a range of advanced processing designed to make your photographs more acceptable.

All models come with advanced face recognition technology that, as well as handling faces in general (up to ten in any one shot), will pay particular attention to faces pre-registered by the user, giving those priority for correct focus and exposure. No more blurry shots of your best mate standing in front of a perfectly exposed stranger.

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