iPad – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

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If there was one great tech success story of 2010, it has to be the Apple iPad. Though not universally loved when revealed earlier this year and initially plagued with stock shortages, its gone from strength to strength since with…

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Video Preview: iPad covers and cases

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The iPad may be one of Apple's most glamorous products to date, but if you want to keep the touchscreen tablet in good nick you're going to want to invest in a top-notch case or cover. Just as with…

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Proporta launch new Smart self-assembly range of eco-friendly smartphone cases

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If you're the sort of person who keeps a track on your carbon footprint with every carefully weighted step, you may want to have a look at Proporta's latest Smart range of eco-freindly smartphone cases. With a strong focus…

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MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset headed to the Apple Store

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Newton Peripherals are readying the European launch of their MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset ahead of next week's MWC 2010 conference. Ultra thin at only 5mm thick, the headset docks with a low-profile iPhone 3GS case, slotting away so that you…

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DREAMCAST NEWS: PC modder crams Blu-ray media computer into DC's lovely white case

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The beautiful, chunky, solid, reliable and timelessly elegant casing of Dreamcast has been put to good use by some crazed PC modder, who’s managed to fit a full PC – including Blu-ray drive and HDMI outputs – into its stylish little form. A form that was BETTER than the form of PlayStation2.

The controller ports round the front have been turned into USB slots, there’s a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM inside, plus it runs Windows XP…

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