iPhone 4 hitting Orange, O2 and Vodafone in the UK

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPhone, Tech Digest news, WWDC 2010 2 Comments

iPhone 4 was officially announced at yesterday's WWDC 2010 keynote speech from Steve Jobs, and now O2, Vodafone and Orange have all confirmed they will be selling the smartphone by its UK release date of June 24th. Let the battle…

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Villagers in Rutland build own high-speed broadband service

Gerald Lynch Broadband, Internet, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Villagers in Rutland, so fed up of their snail-paced broadband speeds, have taken matters into their own hands after service providers such as BT said that it was not economically viable to provide the area with a network upgrade. After…

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Can Nokia's very cool new X6 phone save Comes With Music?

Ashley Norris Mobile phones 16 Comments

More importantly Nokia failed to realise that the only way it could get smart kids to buy into a new and innovative service is that it needed to deliver a ground breaking, uber cool, feature-packed handset – not the rather square and under specified 5800. Surely Nokia should have made an ultra desirable handset first, then got the early adopters raving about the service. This then would have given Comes With Music momentum.

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Seriously cheap TalkTalk Broadband and landline package at the Carphone Warehouse

Daniel Sung Broadband Leave a Comment


Red hot bargain alert! Red hot bargain alert! The Carphone Warehouse is offering free TalkTalk broadband for 12 months and unlimited evening and weekend calls for the credit crunchilicious price of just £10.50 per month. I’m calling that free because that £10.50 is the cost of the line rental. Stick that one in cash flow projection and smoke it.

The contract is for 18 months…

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Mobile phone company lied about "unlimited data", but that's OK says ASA

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unlimited: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

It seems that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has a problem interpreting the standard dictionary definition of “unlimited”, because it has ruled in favour of a mobile phone company which used the word before “data” but really meant “250MB per month”.

Yes, it’s one of those words that should bring joy to the hearts of consumers (well, unless it precedes “torture” or “bills” or some other unpleasantness) — and yet so many tech-related companies abuse it mercilessly.

The ASA has already proved itself ineffectual in complaints against broadband providers who boast of “unlimited data plans” and yet cap or throttle users for breaking the obscure “fair use” policies…

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Comes with Music hits the bargain bins

Duncan Geere Digital Music, Mobile phones Leave a Comment


Well, if we needed further confirmation that Nokia’s all-you-can-eat digital music service wasn’t selling too well, then this is it. Despite a massive advertising campaign, Carphone Warehouse has discounted the service by £45, over a third of the price, so you can now get “Comes with Music” on a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic for just £82.18.

It might sound good – that works out at 23p a day for a year of unlimited music – but the catch is that you can only listen to the songs on that phone, and on one Windows PC. For most people, who transfer music between a multitude of devices, that’s useless.

If you need a new phone, you’re happy to listen to a mostly mainstream selection of music on bad earbuds (no 3.5mm jack, so you’re stuck with the included earbuds), and you don’t mind paying £80 for the privelege, then this is a good deal. Otherwise, steer clear.

Comes with Music (via ITProPortal)

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UPDATED: BlackBerry Javelin (Curve 8900) coming exclusively to Carphone Warehouse

Andy Merrett Mobile phones 1 Comment


Details surrounding the UK debut of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (code name Javelin) are still a bit sketchy, but the latest news suggests that it’s coming exclusively to the Carphone Warehouse later this year.

Price, network, and contract terms are still to be announced, but in the meantime you can reflect on its specifications: EDGE but no 3G, Wi-Fi, standard BlackBerry email, TFT LCD screen, wide range of video and audio format playback, Bluetooth, GPS, and BlackBerry maps.

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Mobile Phone for a fiver? The Samsung SGH-B130 at Carphone Warehouse

Duncan Geere Mobile phones


Want a mobile phone for about the same quantity of cash that lunch cost you yesterday? The Samsung SGH-B130 is your man – it costs £5. It boasts a colour screen, vibrating alert and polyphonic ringtones in its features, and it’s described by the Carphone Warehouse, who are selling it, as “surprisingly light and slim”.

It’s got a USB port, too, and WAP and GPRS, but there’s no camera, music player, or touchscreen. You’ll need to add £10 of credit to get the price down to £5, but even so, for the market it’s aimed at, this is a great deal.

Carphone Warehouse (via ITProPortal)

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