Clapped-out Fiat 126 becomes Flat Out Fiat 126

Andy Merrett Vehicles 8 Comments


It’s the sort of thing you’d expect Clarkson, Hammond and May to attempt on Top Gear, but this low-down vehicle is the work of car designer Andy Saunders.

So infuriated was he that his 1985 Mini Claustrophobia lost the world record for “lowest car” to another that he decided to literally mash up a 1989 Fiat 126…

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TomTom adds 12 months of breakdown recovery to its satnavs

Duncan Geere Satellite Navigation systems 1 Comment


Want a satnav, but haven’t taken the plunge yet? Well, now’s a great time, because Tom Tom has just announced TomTom ONE and XL Assist. These packages come with 12 months of free breakdown assistance in the UK or Western Europe, depending on how much you fancy paying…

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YouTube Video of the Week: Musical Road

Duncan Geere YouTube Video of the Day Leave a Comment


This is a musical road. It’s near Lancaster, California, and was built for an advert. When you drive over the tarmac, it creates harmonics that play a tune. Obviously the faster you drive over it, the faster the song will be. Interesting to see the Doppler effect come into play, though, when other cars drive by.

Oh, and while we’re talking YouTube videos, Shiny Shiny have a brilliant XKCD comic this morning.

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DJ Mobile is a set of speakers with a built-in car

Duncan Geere Transport, Vehicles 2 Comments


You’ve got to admire the Dutch. Besides having some of the most lenient marijuana laws in the world, they also make some amazing cars. This particular model boasts 14 speakers, from woofers to tweeters, and you can bet it makes quite a racket. It’s actually a piece of artwork, designed so that it can be driven somewhere, and then decks hooked up on top as a portable soundsystem. Oh, and it’s available to rent.

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