TomTom Go Live 1000 launched

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TomTom has launched its latest flagship GPS system, the TomTom Go Live 1000. With a design more in line with a smartphone than an in-car sat-nav, it's a bold move by the company currently battling the influx of mobile applications…

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WhipCar launches the world's first online neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service

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There are plenty of online car rental services, but here's one with a twist: rather than renting a company car from a car pool, WhipCar lets you come to an agreement with Mr Jones next door and take his car…

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Auto-Trader app brings augmented reality features to second-hand car hunting

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On the hunt for a second hand car and happen to have an iPhone 3GS at your disposal? Then you should check out the brand new Auto-Trader app, which packs in a few nifty augmented reality features to help…

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