90% of UK ringtone-selling web sites might be "misleading" and ripping off the kids

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An investigation by the European commission has found that pretty much all of the awful ringtone-flogging web sites out there are misleading, confusing and mask the true cost of their tacky subscription schemes.

This is not news to us educated, technology-aware lot, but for small children not yet used to the cynical ways of the adult world…

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Shiny Video Review: JVC HA-NC250-E noise-cancelling headphones

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Quickly turning into the noise-cancelling headphone supremo here at Shiny Towers (I think it’s due to that Larry David/bald man exclusive club thing – ever noticed when you’re wearing noise-cancelling headphones, other wearers on the street nod at you, out of respect? Or are my previous JVC models simply that cool?)…

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