Cassette Cupboard – use up all those old "NOW!" tapes

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If you invested heavily in the cassette format in the 80s and 90s, then you’re probably kicking yourself now that half of your music collection is no longer playable due to the ravages of time and magnetic degradation. That and the fact you left them in the sun during the summer of 1998 and now they stick together a bit…

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Asus pursue the gaming clientele with the C90 notebook

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asuslaptop5.jpg Asus are popping out new notebooks all over the place, like the plastic equivalent of Vicky Pollard. But don’t let that put you off – I’m sure their latest offering, the C90, doesn’t come in lurid pink and talk back to you. Yet.

The C90 is being dubbed a ‘gaming’ laptop, which really means they can charge an extra couple hundred to go after the obsessve fanboy market who will shell out over a grand simply so they can play WoW a few frames faster than the next orc along. The 15.4-incher is completely upgradeable, allowing consumers to update the CPU, GPU, memory, HDD and optical drive without worrying about voiding the warranty…

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