Google pulls support for the old Android browser – could this force people to upgrade?

James O'Malley Android, Apps 1 Comment

Google has announced that is ending official support for WebView, which is perhaps better known as the original Android web browser. You know the one - it was used on Android phones before Chrome came along, and even then co-existed for a while. According to The Register, the announcement will apply to anyone still running…

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iPad, iPhone kings of UK mobile traffic, Android rules in USA

Gerald Lynch Android, Apple, Internet, iPad, iPhone, iPhone, Mobile phones, Tablet, Tech Digest news 23 Comments

New data by web experts Comscore has revealed that Apple's iPad and iPhone devices are the gadgets of choice when it comes to mobile web browsing in the UK, and by a wide margin too. Once computers are taken out…

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Firefox pre-alpha build now available for Android 2.0 and over

Gerald Lynch Android apps, Internet, Mobile phones, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Mozilla's Firefox browser, under the codename "Fennec", has hit Android 2.0 phones and above in a "pre-alpha" build. The company has stressed that the browser is currently only suitable for testing purposes, but that it should work on the Milestone/Droid…

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