Eutelsat’s satellite broadband helps to bridge the communications gap

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In association with Eutelsat What is Eutelsatbroadband ? If you thought satellite technology was just about watching Premiership football or the latest Hollywood Blockbusters you'd be wrong. Increasingly satellites are being used for voice and data communications especially in remote locations or for applications that require greater levels of control. One example is the automotive…

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Half of the world will be online by 2017

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Our connected world is becoming ever more connected, according to the latest State of Broadband report. The report's 2014 edition estimates that more than half of the global population will have internet access within three years' time. The report also says that mobile broadband via smartphones and tablets is now the fastest growing technology in…

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Britons don’t want web filters, says Ofcom

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UK web users must really like their porn. Either that, or they just don't like the government telling them what they can and cannot look at online. A new report from Ofcom shows that broadband customers in the UK are overwhelmingly choosing not to use parental-control systems foisted on ISPs by the government - with…

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Bell Labs pushes 10Gbps over copper phone lines

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The imminent death of the copper cable appears to have been greatly exaggerated. To paraphrase a certain character from Monty Python and The Holy Grail: "It's not dead yet."   The BBC reports that researchers at Bell Labs claim to have set a new broadband speed record of 10Gbps using traditional copper telephone lines. In…

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