The Digest: Steam takes on Twitch… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Steam Broadcasting takes on Twitch with game streams | The BBC "Steam - the popular PC video gaming platform - is adding the ability to stream gameplay so that others can watch online. The move presents a challenge to Twitch, which is built around a similar service, and was acquired by Amazon for…

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Boris Johnson says that white vans are TERRIBLE (and he prefers drones instead)

James O'Malley Drones 1 Comment

Just over a week after Islington South MP Emily Thornberry's infamous "white van" tweet the Mayor of London Boris Johnson - an Islington resident himself - has come out and said he thinks that white vans are "terrible". Well, sort of anyway. According to The Guardian, Johnson has been speaking in Singapore to financial technology…

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EE launches UK 4G with a little help from Boris Johnson – hints at iPhone 5

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EE revealed which devices their new super-fast 4G network will come to this morning, but what everyone, everywhere (or just me?) want to know is: Will EE be available on Apple's much anticipated iPhone 5 anytime soon? EE CEO…

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Face-off: New Routemaster London bus vs. classic design

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The Routemaster wasn't just a bus; it was an iconic example of industrial engineering-cum-aesthetic tour de force which was every bit as important to Londoners and tourists alike as Big Ben, Carnaby Street in the swinging sixites and the…

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15 Must-Follow General Election Twitter feeds

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If there is one thing other than "Bigotgate" that this General Election will be remembered for, it'll be the growing use of social media to share party policies and give voice to the nation's voters. From the #nickcleggsfault hashtag to…

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Top five mayor-maimers: the gadgeteer's guide to getting back at Boris Johnson

Daniel Sung Top Fives 19 Comments


Come on, who didn’t get off their arse and vote on Thursday? Sorry now, aren’t you? Mayor Bo-Jo it is and if there are 140,000 of you out there that were going to vote Ken but had to cook dinner or were feeling a bit tired or forgot your polling cards or were a little confused by all the different coloured pieces of paper, then shame on you. You would have made the difference.

If you are currently burying your head in your hands, wracked with guilt over the terrible democratic travesty that you allowed to unfold, then I’m going to do you a favour. I’m throwing you a bone here. We may not be able to get the backward thinking, progress reversing, poor-trampling Tories out of this great city for another four years but you can make the Boris’s life a little more uncomfortable while he’s in charge with the top five mayor-maiming gadgets.

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The only election you need to vote in: who is the most web 2.0 savvy of the London Mayor candidates?

Daniel Sung Web 2.0 1 Comment


With just 16 days to go until the London mayoral elections, the time has come for you to start doing that last minute research into exactly who it is you want to run the UK’s no.1 city.

Sure we know who we like the look of, who makes us laugh and who it is that we don’t trust the least but these aren’t good enough reasons to vote for someone. You can’t elect a person to govern the lives of 7.5million people and spend billions of tax payers’ pounds based on personality. Of course you can’t. Instead, like us, look deeper into the real issue at stake, the question of who has a better grasp of web 2.0…

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Top 5 gadgets for David Cameron and the Conservative Party

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It’s the Tory party’s political conference this week in Blackpool, and yes, you’re right – politics has no place on Tech Digest. But while the MPs are by the seaside, we thought it’d be a good time to check out a few gadgets for Dave Cameron and his mates.


Lexon Roswell calculator

Now, any good Chancellor of the Exchequer has to be up on his numbers. And if George Osbourne wants to sit behind the door of No11 Downing Street then this might be worthy of his first purchase. As long as it’s not put on his state expenses!

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