Phew! Metro: Last Light is safe and now has a release date!

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It's been a rocky few months for Metro: Last Light, the stunning post-apocalyptic shooter from Deep Silver. For a while back there during the sell-off of defunct publisher THQ's assets, it looked as though the Metro 2033 sequel had seen…

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine book free for iPhone/iPod/iPad users today

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To mark the first anniversary of The Beatles back-catalogue being made available digitally for the first time through the iTunes store, Apple have teamed up with the Fab-Four's team to offer iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users an exclusive…

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Metro 2033 Ranger Pack DLC hits Steam and Xbox Live tomorrow

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 5 Comments

Post-apocalyptic shooter Metro 2033 is getting its first piece of downloadable content tomorrow in the shape of the Ranger Pack. Available over Xbox Live or through the Steam PC platform, it'll offer two new weapons (the Heavy Automatic Shotgun…

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Metro 2033 – Review

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Name: Metro 2033 Genre: 1st Person Shooter Platform: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PC Price: £36.97 (Amazon) It's not that rare of an occurrence to pick up a newspaper and find a story about train or tube commuters forced to trek through…

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Kindle was such a… success… Amazon is pushing ahead with Kindle 2

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It was, as everything always is, leaked on the internet a couple of weeks ago, now Amazon’s finally detailed the specs of Kindle 2 – ideal if you’re just starting to get in on the hot new book-reading scene.

Kindle 2 will feature a 25% longer battery life, according to Amazon, will turn the pages 20% quicker if you’re an amazingly impatient person for whom TIME is MONEY and you can’t waste TIME waiting for PAGES to BLOODY TURN, will be thinner and…

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Shiny Video: London's Guinness Book of World Records' gaming character costumes attempt

Katherine Hannaford Gaming, Video Reviews 3 Comments

This morning I waved my gamer-geek credentials high in the sky from London’s Millennium Bridge, where the Guinness Book of World Records staged an event, attempting to gather together the most people in one place dressed as game characters.

Take a look at the video above for some choice costumes, including the twenty-odd strong group of school kids dressed as Mario (one of them shouted out to me, as I was also dressed as Mario, “Mario! we’re your sons!”), Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, a chilly-looking Lara Croft, Final Fantasy’s Rikku plus a whole lot more.

You’ll be pleased…

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Remind your future self how much of a moron you used to be, with Dear Future Me

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dear-future-me%282%29.jpgA nifty idea which has spawned an actual real-life book (full of paper! wondrous 1.0 words!), is like an online time capsule which can email you in the future and remind you of whatever it was you wanted to be reminded about back when you typed those now-meaningless words in.

Simply write…

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