Apple isn't a fan of boobs or booty

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Both “boobs” and “booty” have been banned from being used in marketing text for an application called “Wobble”, which allows users to add ‘wobble points’, around which any picture they like will wobble. If that confused you, check the promotional video for the app, but be warned, it’s probably mildly NSFW.

Back in December, an application called iBoobs was banned from the App store, and now ‘Wobble’ is under threat too. When the developer complained about the censorship, Apple told him “Wobble and Apple had an agreement that we needed to comply with”.

Apple are rather tetchy about the tone of the app store. For a long time, burp and fart apps weren’t allowed (though they’re now ridiculously popular), and full-on porn has never been allowed. Where does the line get drawn, though? Share your opinion in the comments.

(via TechCrunch, image courtesy of “Jiggles” app)

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If you like titties with your tech, check out Page 3 Keeley Hazel's Byte Me TV debut

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keeley-hazel.jpgKeeley Hazel? Of topless Page 3 fame? Starring in a web TV show about computers?

I didn’t think she even knew how to turn a computer on, and evidently, she may indeed not, for her role in Byte Me TV (yes, really), doesn’t stray far from real life, as she plays a blonde dizzy girl wanting to discover…

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Student's 'Intimate Controllers' thesis involves playing Pong with your boobs

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For those that think gaming involves sitting alone on a couch, twiddling your thumbs, think again.

Recently a New York University student, Jennifer Chowdhury, created her thesis ‘Intimate Controllers’ on the subject of intimate controlling devices, where she invented a form of playing Pong with her boobs whilst her partner played with his bottom. Gaming beginning to sound fun, yet?

According to Wired, she embedded a set of sensors in her bra which controlled the actions of the game, so when her partner touched her left boob, the Pong paddle moved to the left, and the right boob would control the right paddle etc…

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Hey lecher, lay your wrist between a pair of boobies at work with these mouse-pads

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A silly one to start the day off with, I can imagine these mouse-pads which have real silicone implants attached to the jubblie or bum bits would go down a treat for a gag-gift for a workmate. Probably in Zoo, Nuts, or Loaded magazine’s offices. Certainly not in our Shiny Towers, where most of us are women and most of my colleagues…

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