Philips unveil the BDP7500 Blu-ray player

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Philips are set to launch their brand new Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player, the BDP7500 For just £249, Philips have been pretty generous with the amount of high-end features they are packing in. Featuring 1080p 24fps Full HD images, with support…

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Could 3D Blu-ray be ready by summer 2010? Nvidia think so

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Nvidia's PR manager for the UK and Northern Europe, Ben Berraondo, has announced that 3D Blu-ray movies may be availalbe from as early as summer 2010. Berraondo confirmed that after months of heated talks, the Blu-ray Association had finally settled…

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New MacBooks to contain LED backlit screens, boost Greenpeace's opinion on Apple

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Added to the multi-touch trackpads, slimmer and lighter frames and potential new aluminum casings, MacBooks will soon be outfitted with LED backlights.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese BLU manufacturer Kenmos Technology will provide Apple with the LED units for their new MacBook range, in addition to the MacBook Airs and Pros which already feature the technology. Little else is known about the deal, however this is one step closer to the birth of a new, green Apple, with LED…

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