Google and News Corp both eyeing up amazingly annoying video search portal Blinkx

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According to “rumours” both Google and the omnipresent News Corp are looking to buy themselves a bit of video search site Blinkx.

Frankly, I hate Blinkx, thanks to its ultra-aggressive advertising campaigns where half the sites I use interrupt their broadcasts to shove me off to an advert and auto-playing video of some nonsense or other. Plus, on another level, all Blinkx really does is act as a front end for YouTube…

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Blinkx Remote: watch any TV show you want online

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blinkx-remote.jpgWell, almost any. Blinkx Remote is a new service that helps you find full-length TV shows online. You can search by series and episode to watch shows including Doctor Who, 24, South Park and, er, Dora The Explorer. Check Techscape for the full story.

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