VIDEO: New Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer shows off Hoth, Wookies and Jedi ass-kicking

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Star Wars and MMO gameplay; a match made in heaven, no? You'd have thought so, but after the disaster that was Star Wars: Galaxies, we're still a little cautious about Star Wars: The Old Republic. The sprawling MMORPG by…

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Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream) to score Mass Effect 3 soundtrack

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Mass Effect 3, the sequel to the multi-award winning Xbox, PC and PS3 sci-fi RPG series has just earned itself some cinematic strpies with the announcement that Clint Mansell will be providing the game with its musical backdrop. Though…

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Bounty Hunter screenshot gallery

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Along with a hands-on preview of the latest build of Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware this week also handed over a batch of screenshots of the Bounty Hunter class in their ambitious MMORPG, including some-never-before-seen shots. Boba Fett wannabes…

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Homosexuality "does not exist in Star Wars", claims Bioware

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A bit of a kerfuffle has erupted in the community surrounding the forthcoming Star Wars MMO: The Old Republic, after a representative from developer Bioware denied that homosexuality exists in the Star Wars universe.

Community manager Sean Dahlberg closed a thread discussing terminology like “gay,” lesbian,” and “homosexual” in the Star Wars universe with the words: “As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed.”

It’s incensed the LGBT community that surround the game, who’ve pointed out that not only is that irrelevant to the discussion that was taking place, but that Juhanni, a woman in Knights of the Old Republic (a game also developed by Bioware), had a female lover.

The discussion has reopened in a thread here, which has spanned out to 56 pages, though at the time of writing it seems to have devolved into a flamewar. Homosexuality can be a difficult subject to approach in a videogame, but shutting down all discussion of the topic is deeply offensive, and shouldn’t occur.

(via MMOHub)

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Mass Effect 2 officially announced

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Is there any point in making an official announcement about a sequel when you’ve already told people the series will be a trilogy, and when have already released a teaser trailer? Probably not, but at least it gives me a bit more gaming news to write about, so it’s with some pleasure that I can officially announce a sequel to Mass Effect is in the works for release in 2010.

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Star Wars MMO: The Old Republic announced

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In July, CEO of EA John Riccitiello revealed the existence of a second Star Wars massively-multiplayer-online-game, or MMOG, as they’re known. The first, Star Wars Galaxies, was initially popular when released in 2003, but after sweeping changes were made to the gameplay in late 2005, players left in their droves. This new attempt at hooking the vast intellectual property that is Star Wars into a MMO framework looks like it could be successful…

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