Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions Test Pack expansion DLC hitting Xbox Live and PSN on March 11th

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The Sinclair Solutions Test Pack, the first bout of downloadable content for murky underwater shooter Bioshock 2 will be hitting consoles and PCs on March 11th. The DLC raises the multiplayer rank cap to level 50 and introduces two new…

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Bioshock 2 launch trailer: Unsurprisingly wet and awesome

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There aren't many games that can bring brains and brawn together in perfect harmony, but the moral tsunami that was first-person shooter Bioshock managed just that. With the release of hotly-tipped sequel Bioshock 2 just around the corner, publisher…

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Opinion: Do you still care about the Nintendo Wii?

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It was once the king of the gaming pile, so sought after that you'd have to give a kidney on the black market to get one in your home. But recent months have seen the Wii fall from grace, with profits down as much as half over the same period a year earlier. Has the bubble burst for the Nintendo Wii? If so, what has caused it? Here's Tech Digest's five reasons why the Wii's star is falling.

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