iPhone, iPod battery packs recalled by Best Buy and Mophie; burning customers

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Both retailers Best Buy and accessory manufacturers Mophie have issued separate product recall notices following fears that batches of iPod and iPhone battery packs may be faulty, and potentially dangerous. Best Buy have asked customers to return Rocketfish-branded iPhone…

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REVIEW: Rocketfish Rocketboost Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit

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Home cinema kits are all well and good for delivering that booming Hollywood sound, but they also cause more headaches than they're sometimes worth when it comes to leaving lengthy trails of unsightly wires around the room as you try to set up rear surround speakers. This Best Buy exclusive, the Rocketfish Rocketboost Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit, may however have an affordable answer to your wireless speaker woes.

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Rocketfish RocketBoost Wireless Audio tech: 5.1 surround without the trip wires

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If you ask people the one issue, other than finances, that holds most folks back from purchasing a 5.1 home cinema set, the answer you'll usually hear back is that the lengthy wiring needed for the rear speakers is unsightly…

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