Duracell Batteries Rechargeable Accu range – Review

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Name: Rechargeable Accu range – StayCharged Cells, Instant Charger, Fast 1 Hour Charger and Easy Charger (Duracell) Type: Rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and portable USB power Prices: Instant Charger – £34.99, Fast 1 Hour Charger – £29.99, Easy Charger -…

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Nokia looking to patent self-recharging phone batteries

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Nokia are looking to file a patent for a mechanism that would allow phone batteries to recharge themselves when out and about by collecting the kinetic energy generated by movement. It'd work like this: the heavier components within a phone…

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Batteries to charge up in less than 20 secs

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I always thought that a whole new battery technology would be the way to enhance our mobile power supply experience of techno-gadgetry, but it turns out it’s going to be good old Li-ion all along. Apparently, we’ve been doing it wrong all this time and that we’ll have one that can charge up in less than 20 seconds in two to three years’ time.

We know this because a crack team of battery bods at MIT has already…

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BATTERY DEVELOPMENTS: Korean scientist claims eight-fold leap in power-up time

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It is a bit of a shame and quite an embarrassment for mankind that batteries haven’t come on in leaps or bounds since the 1970s, with modern Duracells only being marginally better than the Duracells used to power a Big-Trak for about 35 minutes on Christmas Day, 1981.

But that might possibly be about to change – thanks to a man called Prof. Cho Jae-phil who works at the Department of Applied Chemistry at Hanyang University, in South Korea…

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Toshiba SCiB battery could start a revolution, assuming the revolving mechanism is battery powered

James O'Malley Laptops / Notebooks, Peripherals 1 Comment


Toshiba is apparently in the process of inventing and testing a revolutionary new type of battery, that it claims will be available next year. Bankrolled by it’s “utopian dreams” division (headquarters in fantasyland), it has apparently come up with a battery that fixes all of the problems that normal batteries have…

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VIDEO: Reverse polarity battery test

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Hey everyone. This week’s video is about batteries again, but I’ve decided to do something a little bit different this time. Something exciting. Something dangerous!

I though I’d see what happens when you put batteries in the WRONG WAY ROUND. Will there be a fire? An explosion? Some leaking chemicals? A matter/anti-matter detonation that rips a hole in the space/time continuum?

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VIDEO REVIEW: PIFCO AA battery power performance tested under a variety of conditions

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How do the PIFCO batteries perform? Is buying 16 PIFCO zinc carbon batteries for £1 financial suicide, or can they run a torch? And what about the holy grail of battery power tests – can they power up a digital camera?

There’s only one way to find out. Get some PIFCO batteries from the pound shop, get some things that take the same size of batteries, then record a video of the results for the internet. Here is that video.

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