CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 10 best 3D Blu-ray movies of 2012

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Got the 3D TV? Got the 3D Blu-ray player or PS3 games console? Then you'll be after a handful of 3D Blu-ray movies this Christmas. It's been a bumper year for 3D Blu-ray releases, following on from a strong Christmas…

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World's first 3D Porn film released: Kama-Sutra takes wobbly bits into the third dimension

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It was only a matter of time; the world's first stereoscopic 3D porn film has been made, looking set to get your 3D specs all steamed up. Produced by Mark Dorcel (apparently the "Hugh Hefner" of European porn), the…

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Avatar director James Cameron aims to put 3D camera on Mars

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Oscar winning Avatar director James Cameron is planning to turn his 3D camera away from the fantasy world of Pandora and take it to the surface of the planet Mars. After budget issues forced NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to scrap…

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Top Ten Must-See 3D films of 2010

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While all eyes are focussed on 3D TV this year, a fat lot of good they will be if all the 3D content that hits them is rubbish. In that sense, it's an incredibly important year for 3D cinema, giving…

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