Xbox One could get Oculus Rift style glasses, suggests new patent

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The Xbox One may be set to get a head-mounted display accessory, after a newly unearthed patent adds wieght to the rumours from last year that Microsoft were working on a set of "Fortaleza Glasses". The patent, called the "Multiplayer…

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Google Glass developer events planned for NYC and San Francisco in the coming weeks

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Google have announced plans to hold two separate developer conferences in the US for Google Glass, their wearable augmented reality headset. Open to developers who signed up for the $1,500 developer edition of the Project Glass glasses, the events are…

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AR DIY: Aurasma bring augmented reality features to instruction manuals

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I had the displeasure over the weekend of putting together a bookcase. Between my lack of tactile finesse and an instruction booklet that looked as though it was drawn up by a high four year old, it wasn't the most…

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Intelligent Cheese Counter helps you buy difficult to pronounce fromage in shops

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Introducing the Intelligent Cheese Counter, a new retail innovation that lets you buy cheese from an in-store seller, just by pointing at it through the display glass. No this isn't a joke, and we're a couple of months early for…

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