REVIEW: MacBook Air 11-inch (2013)

The best just got better, as Apple's MacBook Air notebook gets updated with the latest Intel processors, double the storage and double the battery life. But is the low-resolution screen now dragging the package down? Read our full review to find out!

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Gerald LynchREVIEW: MacBook Air 11-inch (2013)

RUMOUR: New Apple MacBook laptops on 14th October


We may only just have had the Apple music press conference and launch of the new iPod family but where would the internet community be if it was not exposing the next products that Apple has in store before Steve Jobs intends to? The word today is that next up is the redesign of the MacBook laptop line.

No word, as yet, on what to expect but it’s thought that 14th October…

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Daniel SungRUMOUR: New Apple MacBook laptops on 14th October