Intempo launch the Perform iPod dock

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Intempo have today launched their latest iPod speaker dock, the Perform. The dock's key feature is it's motorised compartment; slide your iPod in and watch it lower behind a sheet of glass, making the dock a square shape rather than…

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Video Review: Vuzix Video iWear 920 glasses

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Tired of watching videos on a titchy iPod screen? Then take a look at this video review of the Vuzix Video iWear 920 glasses, modelled by Shiny Shiny's Anna. The glasses claim to replicate a 67 inch screen infront…

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Why was the Apple launch so pants? The top 8 conspiracy theories

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I thought it was underwhelming, the US financial community declared it pants and pulled a few % off Apple shares to show its displeasure and even the fan boys had trouble getting excited.
Yep, Apple's Rock and Roll, event on Wednesday turned out to be a as fluffy as a cotton wool factory.

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Top five Apple iPod/iPhone Rock and Roll event rumours

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You can bet Apple's press announcement tonight is much more about technology, product evolution and branding than hairy blokes with guitars. Still nevertheless with a few hours to go the jury is out on whether tonight will be like The Smiths reforming and playing Wembley or a Chas and Dave reunion gig in your local pub.

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