Google announces Round 1 winners of Android Developer Challenge

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Google has announced the fifty winners of the Android Developer Challenge Round 1, each of whom wins a $25,000 award to fund further development, and the chance to be put forward for ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards in round 2.

Winning applications include a number based on the underlying maps functionality, which isn’t surprising given this is one of the core features of Android upon which developers can build, plus GPS-based social networking services (find your friends, for example), a biometric authentication system, instant messaging services, educational software, and online information resources…

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MWC 2008 Video Preview: Google Android platform shown off at ARM's stand

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As every man and his Labrador puppy is talking about the Google Android platform at this year’s Mobile World Congress, I cajoled Ashley into showing us just how spiffy it is, through the medium of interpretive dance video. He spotted it at ARM’s stand, which if you remember, is the British chip designer who promised…

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MWC 2008: Samsung hedges its bets with both Google Android and Linux-based LiMo handsets

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Clever sods. Instead of just banking on one format, they’re hedging their bets and developing handsets for both Google’s Android and the LiMo Foundation, with some Linux-based handsets. They must’ve learnt their fence-sitting ways recently with their HD DVD/Blu-ray multi-players.

Unveiled today, the Linux-based SGH-i800 handset is powered by the LiMo mobile OS, although little more is known on it than that. As for the Android-based models…

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MWC 2008: Will the LiMo Foundation pip Google's Android to the open-source post?

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The LiMo Foundation looks set to be a major thorn in Google’s Android side, with a couple of major announcements tipped to occur at MWC.

For those unfamiliar with the LiMo Foundation, it’s an alliance of manufacturers formed over a year ago, which has the same common aim as the Open Handset Alliance spearheaded by Google, of creating open mobile software platforms.

“[LiMo] is a very practical initiative, but also a deeply philosophical one, based upon the belief that openness in handsets delivers value to consumers,” Morgan Gillis, LiMo’s executive director, said recently about the alliance, which includes massive manufacturers such as Motorola…

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MWC 2008: Texas Instruments showing off Google's Android TODAY! And a prototype handset…

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texas-instruments-google-android-phone.jpgGood old Texas Instruments, which isn’t just there for the boring things in life like calculators, is showing off its Google Android developments at the Mobile World Conference. Which is happening today. It’s happening RIGHT NOW, in fact.

Texas Instruments will also be demonstrating an Android-powered handset based on its OMAP850 processor – a clever little multi-core chip for mobile devices that also includes Wilreless LAN and Bluetooth tech as standard. TI’s prototype Google Phone will allow “one button access” to stuff like your web browser, email and no doubt the omnipresent Google Maps…

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Brit chip company ARM to show first Google Android handset next week?

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Whilst both parties are yet to decline on the matter, sources are saying that the British chip designer ARM will demonstrate a prototype mobile handset with Google’s Android platform next week at the Mobile World Congress.

The Android platform is yet to be shown to the public as yet, so if ARM does display the rumoured handset, it may…

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