Steve Ballmer doesn't "understand" Android or why Google would give stuff away for free

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Everyone's favourite jellyfish-like Microsoft employee has been shooting his mouth off in public again, this time thoroughly dissing Google's plans for its Android OS. Specifically dissing the idea of not charging money for it. Here's Ballmer's latest odd public outburst….

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Asus to launch Android-powered smartphone

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What’s the betting Asus are going to call this the EeePhone? Fairly high, I’d imagine, given their tendency to slap the Eee label on everything they produce. The Taiwanese company recently brought out a Windows Mobile-powered smartphone, but this one will run Google’s new mobile OS – Android.

Initially the phones will likely be only for sale in Taiwan, but Asus have mentioned the prospect of bringing them abroad. No more details as yet, but when some more surface, we’ll be sure to share them. It’s good to see more manufacturers making use of the Android platform.

Asus (via IntoMobile)

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T-Mobile G1 has its firmware hacked out by a camera with a twitch

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The T-Mobile G1 phone isn’t even available over here until Thursday, but already the hackers on the other side of the Atlantic have sunk their teeth into it, and so far don’t seem to be doing too badly. Though it’s a relatively open platform compared to the restrictive iPhone, it just wasn’t open enough for hacker RyeBrye, who took it upon himself to extract the firmware (the phone’s operating system) in perhaps the most convoluted way possible.

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T-Mobile announces Android Market applications available at launch

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One of the features of T-Mobile’s Android-powered G1 device will be “Android Market” – a place where you can download third-party applications for the device, much like the iTunes App Store. T-Mobile has just released a list of the applications that’ll be available at launch, and we’ve got hold of it…

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GALLERY: Alternative Android User Interfaces

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The UI on T-Mobile’s G1 was designed by a Swedish company called The Astonishing Tribe, which is a great name. Better than “Symantec” or “McAfee”, or “Microsoft”, anyway. They’ve just released a bunch of UI also-rans, so you can see what could have been. They range from the functional, to the wacky, to the cute, to the very attractive. Click the very “functional” one below to start the gallery.

The Astonishing Tribe (via Gizmodo)

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First T-Mobile G1 usability review

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Over at Android Community, they’ve managed to get a sneak peek at what it’s actually like to use the T-Mobile G1 as your phone. The author, Kaiziko, also offers a list of pros and cons of the G1, and has answered a long selection of questions about the device. I’ve put a few highlights over the jump…

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