Graphics stack change paves the way for Android on Raspberry Pi

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Could Android soon be available for Raspberry Pi? That's the speculation following the announcement that the Raspberry Pi Foundation is working on a completely open source graphics stack for the diminutive computer. According to Reddit, RPi's Eric Anholt is working on open sourcing the graphics drivers - which means that eventually it'll be possible for…

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Indie hit Limbo comes to Android

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Smash-hit indie game Limbo, the depress-em-up which took the world by storm has finally launched on the Google Play store, opening up the Mario-meets-the-cold-embrace-of-death style gameplay to a whole new audience. To quote Wikipedia, the game is presented in black-and-white tones, using lighting, film grain effects and minimal ambient sounds to create an eerie atmosphere…

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Microsoft launches Android lockscreen app

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Microsoft has quietly launched another Android app into the Google Play store. Simply titled "Picturesque Lock Screen", the app will change the background image to match the photos Bing uses on its homepage. It has some neat features too, as Microsoft explains: "Picturesque Lock Screen, a Microsoft Garage project, brings the beautiful Bing home page…

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Android Lollipop now available for HTC One M8 in the UK and Europe

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Good news for British HTC One M8 owners - you have a software update! According to HTC's Jeff Gordon, the Lollipop update has hit today, meaning that you can finally install Google's latest operating system. HTC One (M8) owners in Europe, have a sweet tooth this morning? Check your software updates!— Jeff Gordon (@urbanstrata) January…

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New app will track how much of your life you’re wasting on your phone

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Do you ever worry that you're spending too much time on Facebook? Hey, I ASKED YOU SOMETHING! You'd have heard me if you were paying attention. I said, do you ever worry that you're spending too much time on Facebook? How many social occasions have you missed because your nose was in your phone? How…

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