Facebook's top topics for 2011: TOWIE more talked about than Gaddafi, Bin Laden deaths in UK

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Facebook have revealed the most often-discussed topics on their social network for 2011. Ranking topics based on the amount of times they appeared in status updates across the year, the top global lists are a mixture of major news events…

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Amy Winehouse's website attacked by "SwagSec" hackers

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Amy Winehouse has become the latest high-profile target for hackers. A collective known as Swagger Security or "SwagSec" (and not to be confused with LulZSec, who recently disbanded) gained control of www.amywinehouse.com long enough to deface the stars page. Though…

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Tried to make Amy Winehouse go to rehab, she said 'No, no, not unless it improves my search engine ranking'

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wino.jpgIt’s not much fun being Amy Winehouse at the moment, what with the dodgy husband, the parents asking people to stop buying your records, the paparazzi popping out from behind bins, and the continual reports claiming you have a drug habit that makes Pete Doherty look like a lightweight.

You’d think the silver lining would be a search engine ranking going through the roof, but not according to Yahoo’s Buzz Index for musicians.

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