REVIEW: Philips 58PFL9955H Cinema 21:9 Platinum 3D TV

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Name: 58PFL9955H Cinema 21:9 Platinum 3D TV (Philips) Type: True cinema ratio 3D TV Specs: Click here for full specs Price: £3,674.99 from Amazon For the true movie-nut there's nothing quite like a trip to the cinema; the smell of…

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Philips to launch Cinema 21:9 LCD super-widescreen TV

Daniel Sung Home cinema, TVs 4 Comments


I always thought the point of buying a widescreen TV was to get rid of those black bars at the top and bottom of films until I bought one and someone explained to me that 16:9 was not the full cinema aspect ratio. Thankfully, Philips is now here to stop any such disappointment with the announcement of their Cinema 21:9 LCD TVs.

The 56″ screens will be available…

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Philips intros 9600 Ambilight LCD HDTV with faster panels and better contrast

Andy Merrett HDTV, TVs Leave a Comment


Philips has announced its latest range of Ambilight high definition LCD TVs, claiming they offer the fastest LCD panels currently available, and with an improved version of their Perfect Pixel HD system which improves black levels and overall contrast ratio.

The new Perfect Pixel HD system can process some 500 million pixels per second, a doubling in processing power compared to the previous system. This should translate to a sharper, more natural looking picture…

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