Greenpeace and Amazon in war of words over clean power

Greenpeace does not appear to be a big fan of Amazon, or its Amazon Web Services In a recent Green Internet report, Greenpeace praised companies such as Microsoft, Google  and Apple for their green credentials, while claiming that AWS had the "dirtiest" cloud. "AWS has dropped further and further behind its competitors in building an…

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Stuart O'ConnorGreenpeace and Amazon in war of words over clean power

Netflix hits 50m global subscribers as profits double

Streaming video may not have supplanted broadcast TV, DVD or Blu-ray quite yet, but it appears to be well on its way. Online TV and movie streaming service Netflix announced this week that it now had more than 50 million subscribers in more than 40 countries worldwide. Releasing its results for the second quarter of…

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Stuart O'ConnorNetflix hits 50m global subscribers as profits double

Facebook is testing a ‘buy’ button

Amazon recently rolled out a "buy now" feature for its followers on Twitter, and now it seems that Facebook is looking at a similar feature for its website. Facebook said this week that it is testing a Buy button to help businesses drive sales through the News Feed and on their Facebook Pages. "With this…

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Stuart O'ConnorFacebook is testing a ‘buy’ button

Amazon appears to be testing ebook subscription service

It seems that Amazon is preparing to give readers something to get excited about - a Netflix-style digital ebook and audiobook subscription service that provides Kindle users with access to a potential library of more than 600,000 titles for about £6 a month. The discovery was first reported by the news site GigaOm. Amazon has…

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Stuart O'ConnorAmazon appears to be testing ebook subscription service

Amazon hire Google Glass inventor

Babak Parviz is the man at Google who was responsible for "Google X" - the mysterious "skunkworks" division of the company that is responsible for, amongst other things, Google Glass. Now he's on his way to Amazon. It is unclear exactly what Amazon want him to do - but we know that the company is…

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James O'MalleyAmazon hire Google Glass inventor