Pub fights Murdoch over Premier League broadcast rights, may have bagged cheaper Sky TV for us all

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We always love a story about an underdog taking on the big mega-corporations, but they're especially sweet if their actions may well serve to save us all a few quid in the long-run. As is the case of Karen Murphy…

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Top 5 Delicious alternative bookmarking sites

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Delicious, the bookmark host and organising site, is to close its doors to the the interwebbing public as part of a bid to streamine and cost-cut at umbrella-company owners Yahoo!. First launched as back in 2003, it'll come as…

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Firefox hits 20% market share

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I feel a bit guilty. I’ve almost completely abandoned my former favourite browser – Firefox – in favour of Google’s zippity-quick Chrome browser. I love Firefox, but the little tiny touches in Chrome make it a joy to use compared to the relative clunkiness that is Firefox 3. Still, in a world where most people are still using Internet Explorer, it should be celebrated that 1 in 5 people on the internet are now using Firefox for their surfing needs.

The report, from Net Applications, shows Firefox with a 20% market share for two out of four weeks in October. Firefox didn’t have a major release then, so it’s doubly impressive that it’s still building converts across the world. New features are constantly announced, including a private browsing mode (dubbed ‘porn mode’ by some) in a forthcoming 3.1 update.

Firefox (via ReadWriteWeb)

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