Twitterer liveblogs his own plane crash

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On Saturday night in Denver, Colorado, Continental Airlines flight 737 slid off the runway during takeoff. One of the engines caught fire, but passengers escaped out of the opposite side on slides. Although 38 people were hurt, thankfully no-one was killed.

However, one of the passengers was Mike Wilson, aka @2drinksbehind. He live-Twittered the crash(!), and so if you’re phobic of flying on planes, then you might not want to click over the jump.

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No phones on planes please, we're British, survey finds

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A couple of recent surveys suggest that Brits are dead set against allowing mobile phone calls on flights.

Yahoo!’s survey suggested 87% would like voice calls to stay banned on flights, though nearly half thought some kind of email / Internet access would be useful, and presumably less intrusive than being stuck in a big tin can with a load of incessant chatterboxes…

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Ofcom approves in-flight mobile use for UK and European mile-high texting

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Phone regulator OFCOM has given the go-ahead for UK-registered planes to allow passengers to use their mobiles during flights. Five hours next to a businessman discussing proposals and changes to PowerPoint slides? Can’t wait.

The system lets you use your own mobile, which connect to an onboard base station – which redirects you incredibly important text message about what everyone’s having for dinner tonight to your Earth-based friend. The rules require planes…

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