iPhone Accessories – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

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"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, your iPhone should be wearing a silly iPhone hat". OK, so that's not quite how the festive saying goes, but there are so many mad iPhone gadgets and add-ons out there that…

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Hardware QWERTY fans rejoice! iPhone 4 gets Boxwave Keyboard Buddy add-on

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The iPhone is unlikely to ever get a hardware QWERTY keyboard, so if you're hankering for some typing action get a load of this new accessory from Boxwave. Their Keyboard Buddy is a Bluetooth keyboard that doubles up as a…

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Extensions for Chrome confirmed

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Google’s Chrome software, which is already my browser of choice, is getting extensions by May. No, not hair extensions. Little bits of software that do stuff in the browser that isn’t built in.

Now, Firefox users (the majority of our readership) will know about these, because they’ve been available since launch on that browser, but if you’re on Internet Explorer you may not be aware. These plugins enhance the browser’s functionality, adding weather info, toolbars, or various other features.

Those of you who aren’t using Chrome, would the addition of extensions make you give it another try? Chrome users – is this a good move, or will it slow down the blazing speed of the browser? Let us know in the comments.

Chrome (via Google Operating System)

More on Chrome: HOW-TO: Tweak Chrome to get the newest features early | Still searching for reasons to switch to Google Chrome

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