Microsoft withdraws controversial vomit advert

Paul Lamkin Internet 1 Comment

Microsoft has pulled an online advert from its dedicated Internet Explorer 8 website, Browser for the Better, after it sparked complaints from some viewers.

In the advert a wife looks on her husband’s laptop and vomits after seeing his browsing history. By the looks of it she had just finished off a bowl of custard. The husband then slips on her vomit whilst Dean Cain – yep, Superman Dean Cain – enters and explains how the whole situation could have been avoided with IE8’s private browsing feature.

Microsoft said the ad was supposed to be “tongue-in-cheek”. They said: “While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it.”

You can, unsurprisingly, still watch the advert on YouTube. Enjoy:

(via Brand Republic)

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Bill Gates flexes his acting skills with Jerry Seinfeld, as Microsoft kicks off $300m Windows ad campaign

Gary Cutlack Computers, Internet, Software 3 Comments

It is an advert about nothing. This clip made its debut on US television last night, bewildering viewers by showing Jerry Seinfeld and Mr Gates trying on shoes in a discount shoe shop. Then buying some shoes. Then leaving.

But it’s not an advert for shoes. Neither man has fallen that far since quitting the things that made them rich and famous. See if you can guess what it’s for.

Of course you know what it’s about and for – Windows. Microsoft’s bunging $300m into a new marketing campaign, designed…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 13-Sept-07: Google, Mushiking, Revver, Trent Reznor, Yahoo

Katherine Hannaford Daily Tech Hotlinks Leave a Comment

– Google’s Larry and Sergey’s annual perks include a NASA-operated private jet runway minutes from their offices (New York Times)
– Increase in illegal stag beetle imports blamed on Japanese arcade game, Mushiking (Kotaku)…

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Sony's next BRAVIA ad campaign: The play Doh bunnies. Cute!

Andy Merrett HDTV 1 Comment


Following the San Francisco bouncy balls, and the paint explosions in Glasgow, comes Sony’s third “Colour Like No Other” BRAVIA high definition TV advert.

This time, it’s Play Doh bunnies.

TV Ad Land reports “Play Doh is being staged in New York by Frank Budgen of Gorgeous Enterprises, working with a creative team from Fallon, including creative director Juan Cabral.”

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