Check out TextBlade – a tiny physical keyboard for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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Want a bluetooth keyboard for your phone but don't want to carry around anything too bulky? Then TextBlade might be the perfect solution. BGR got the scoop, showing the keyboard that is made up of only 8 separate keys - but still manages to offer a full size keyboard by using multitouch. Cleverly, it all…

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New iPhone case turns your phone into a Swiss Army Knife

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Earlier this week it was announced that airport security was being increased with extra checks on phones in particular. Is it a coincidence that this is the same week that Firebox has started selling the TaskOne G3 Pro iPhone Tool Case? (Answer: Probably) This isn’t your standard iPhone case. Weighing around 89g and adding only…

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Livescribe Sky smartpen with Wi-Fi Evernote syncing launched

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Livescribe have launched a new smarten today that, as well as syncing up dictaphone audio captured at the same time as digitising your notes, offers built-in Wi-Fi for storing your scribbles in cloud note storage service Evernote. For current Livescribe…

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