Fancy streaming web TV and radio on your Archos PMP? Or downloading porn? Now you can…

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In addition to yesterday’s In-Car Holder GPS unit for the 605 WiFi, Archos announced a couple of other additions to their popular PMP, including a firmware update allowing for Adobe Flash Player 9 support, Windows Media Video 9 compatibility, a plug-in enabling access to Web TV shows and radio stations, an update to Archos TV+, and a content distribution deal with Paramount Pictures and Deutsche Welle. Phew!

Touting their 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi models as being the market’s only PMP supporting Adobe Flash Player 9, the upgrade for both that and WMV 9 can be downloaded for free if you already own one, however if you buy one now, you’ll find it’s automatically loaded with the update. These two supported…

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Archos announces GPS In-Car Holder for the 605 WiFi PMP

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Archos is holding a launch event in London this afternoon, however I think we’ve discovered ahead of time what they’re announcing, due to all the US blogs reporting on…the new GPS In-Car Holder for the 605 WiFi!

You may remember the 605 WiFi is the PMP that wowed Gary and I in our video group test the other week. Archos’ new GPS In-Car Holder enables you to connect the PMP to your car windscreen, and update you on GPS information, including…

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Shiny Video Review: four best PMPs for watching Lost on, from Archos, Creative, Apple and Sony

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In case you haven’t been suckered into it, Lost has left our screens for a four-week hiatus, so I thought it was high time to review four of the best PMPs for storing the last four seasons of the addictive show onto, for watching when you’re on the train to work, at the football, or waiting for your colleague who’s in a sex shop.

Take a look above at the video, which we just filmed on the streets of London’s Soho district, for our thoughts on the Archos 605 Wi-fi, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, and Apple iPod Touch….

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Archos 605 special edition Charlie Chaplin PMP to come pre-loaded with 10 films

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Plenty of Archos-shaped news seeping out of the pus-ridden internet sore, and if that analogy doesn’t sit well with the French PMP company, then perhaps the gushing accolades the Charlie Chaplin edition model is receiving on the interwebs will compensate.

The 605…

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Archos unveils three Generation 5 PMPs which play YouTube videos

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Archos has unveiled its new line of personal media players, dubbed Generation 5. It includes three new PMPs, the 405, 605 and 705, which for the first time will support Flash-based video from YouTube and other online video-sharing sites.

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