In-Depth Review: Nokia's Comes With Music service

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With the news that the Nokia X6 music orientated phone has hit the 3 network, we thought we'd give the X6's Comes With Music service an in depth look. With the iTunes store now reaching the 10 billion download mark,…

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Small queue forms for the Tube (the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, that is)

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Despite being slap-bang in the middle of the target market for the Nokia 5800, there’s something about it that just doesn’t hit the spot for me. It might be the sluggish performance, it might be the the lack of keyboard, it might be the lack of internal storage. It just seems defiantly last-generation with a touchscreen slapped on, which is why I’m holding out for the N97.

Some people aren’t though, because the launch of the Nokia 5800 was this morning in Regent Street and Heathrow terminal five. It wasn’t iPhone-worthy, but a respectable hundred people or so showed up at the Regent Street branch.

If you didn’t fancy queuing in the rain, but you still want one, then you can get it from Simply Electronics for £350 or so, unlocked. Alternatively, Phones4U are offering it free on an £35 a month, 18-month-long, contract with Orange, or there’s a £20 a month, 18-month, contract with Vodafone.

(via the Inquirer)

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Nokia 5800 'Tube' finally touches down in the UK

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We were wondering when the Nokia 5800 was going to show up, but it wasn’t ‘in time for Christmas’, after all. Nokia has just dropped us an email to confirm that you’ll be able to get your sweaty hands on the ‘Tube’ in the UK on Friday 23rd January.

Initially, it’ll only be available in Nokia’s Regent Street and Heathrow Terminal 5 flagship stores, as well as online, but come Friday 30th, it’ll be available from anywhere. Interestingly, Nokia will be selling it unlocked and SIM-free to start with, for £250. I would get excited, but with the N97 just round the corner, the Tube can get stuffed.

Nokia Shop

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Do the Nokia Tube's provisional specs make it an iPhone killer?

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Take any mobile phone with a touchscreen and it will inevitably be compared to the iPhone. So it is with the recently announced Nokia Tube, which several sites have now gleaned provisional specs for.

First up, it’ll be called the Nokia Tube 5800 (you knew it had to have a number attached to it, it’s a Nokia), and though it could be an iPhone killer, it will apparently not be one of the company’s flagship models…

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