TeliaSonera gives Swedes mobile broadband network that's 10x faster than our 3G ones

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TeliaSonera are today launching what they claim to be the world's first commercial 4G network. Though their have previously been trials of similar services, this is the first time a commercial 4G network has been available for consumers to use….

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Motorola picks Swindon to test out 4G

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Motorola is testing 4G, also known as LTE – the Long-Term Evolution of 3G, at its lab in Swindon. The trials are using 2.6GHz spectrum, just above the range used by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (2.4GHz).

4G is competing with WiMax to replace 3G as the communications standard for the next generation of mobile phones. Vodafone’s also testing a 4G service, but it’s unlikely that consumers will start seeing this technology for at least a few years.

(via Computer Weekly)

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LG crams 4G LTE tech on a mobile phone chip

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future. While you were in bed this morning, dreaming of Konnie Huq running in slow motion in the snow, LG were hard at work in Japan (where it’s midday when it’s 3am here) putting ridiculously futuristic technology on a mobile phone chip.

The tech is called LTE, which (doesn’t really) stand for “the Long Term Evolution of 3GPP”. It’s basically the plans that the 3rd Generation Partnership Project has for the future of 3G and cellular broadband in general. Some people refer to it as 4G.

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Japan gets three new Eee PC colours – 4G XP model now comes in pink, green and blue

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Of course, it’s not just “pink,” “green” and “blue”, though. That would be boring. That would be too easy, too predictable. They need SPECIAL NAMES! The new Japanese XP-packing Eee comes in “Sky Blue,” “Rush Green” and “Brush Pink.”

Here is the Sky Blue variant. It’s a little flash of summer to brighten up your afternoon. I have drawn in the Sun myself, for extra summer realism.


Sky Blue we understand. It’s blue. Like the sky is occasionally. Rush Green we also sort of understand, as, presumably, Asus means it’s as green as some rushes.

But Brush Pink? The phrase “as pink as a brush” doesn’t ring any bells…

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ASUS' Eee PC, the 2G Surf, out now in US and just $299.99

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ASUS just continues to please with their Eee PC, with this being the fifth article here on Tech Digest about its brilliance in just two days. Yes, we’re slightly obsessed.

The latest news about the Eee is that the new 2G model – which has just 2GB of storage capacity as opposed to the original 4GB – is being…

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