Duck Hunt Dog added to Smash Bros 3DS

James O'Malley Gaming 4 Comments

Do you ever get the feeling that Nintendo is running out of characters to feature? Nintendo's latest Smash Bros fighter hits the 3DS in Japan tomorrow, and a handful of Twitch players have already managed to get their hands on copies of the game. It turns out that despite the endless announcements of increasingly tenuous…

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E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced for 3DS

JoeMitchell E3 2012, Gaming, Nintendo, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Nintendo has faced its fair share of controversy this E3, having many people argue that they are ignoring their core community. However, yesterday Nintendo debuted a game which appeals to both core gamer and casual gamer alike, The New Super Mario Bros. 2, which will be released for the 3DS on August 19th.

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CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Best Games Consoles! Xbox 360! PS3! 3DS!

Gerald Lynch Christmas Gift Guides, Gaming, iPad, Round ups, Tablet, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

There was once a time when little Jane and Jimmy Christmas wanted nothing more than a rocking horse, an Action Man and a giant Toblerone sitting wrapped beneath their Christmas trees. Now, for better or worse, they want videogames like…

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