Bioshock Infinite becomes one of the all-time top rated games

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Bioshock Infinite, the long-awaited first person shooter from the visionary Ken Levine and his development team at Irrational Games, has become one of the most highest-rated games of all time, according to review aggregation service Metacritic. Pulling in 43 critic…

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Aliens: Colonial Marines is back on track, confirms developer Gearbox

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It's been a tense time for gaming fans of the Aliens movie franchise. Obsidian's Aliens-based RPG gets canned, Aliens Versus Predator divides critics and the promising Aliens: Colonial Marines falls of the radar completely. Thankfully, Colonial Marines was given a…

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Bioshock 2 launch trailer: Unsurprisingly wet and awesome

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There aren't many games that can bring brains and brawn together in perfect harmony, but the moral tsunami that was first-person shooter Bioshock managed just that. With the release of hotly-tipped sequel Bioshock 2 just around the corner, publisher…

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