Hulu, purported 'YouTube killer' to show Heroes and 24 for free, and legally

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hula-hoop.jpgKiller this, killer that, blah blah blah this site will kill off that site, aren’t we all getting a bit sick of these murderous new sites and products? Still, it’s Halloween, so a good time to report on a potential YouTube ‘killer’, Hulu.

From today, the site being backed by NBC Universal and News Corp., will begin a private beta, featuring content from Sony Pictures Television, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. When it fully launches, it’ll be free to viewers, with revenue being made through advertising on the 90-odd TV shows. Big-name shows such as Heroes, House, 24 and The Simpsons will be featured alongside retro throw-backs like Miami Vice and…

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Twentyfour:London bar and nightclub is the most technologically-advanced yet

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The launch of a new bar in London has got the whole of Shiny Towers in a tizz, not just because it’s literally down the road from our offices and we’re renowned cocktail-supping gals, but because it promises to be not just London’s most technologically-advanced bar, but possibly the world’s too.

It’s reportedly the first bar in the world with a fully-interactive interior, where customers can control projected images on every wall, choosing between ‘dot matrix sci-fi chic, crashing sea surroundings, Californian desert scenery’, or even your own images and videos. If you fancy getting even more involved with the interior decoration, you can play with the interactive virtual Koi Carp, or dance and watch your thermal shadows on the walls replicating every shape being thrown…

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Daily Tech Hotlinks for 05-May-2007: Mobile phones, Pac-Man, Microsoft, 24, Japan

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– Us Brits are a wasteful bunch, with 855,000 mobile phones being dropped into the toilet each year. Yes, our tariff plans really are shit.
– Today in NYC at the Pac-Man World Championships, Microsoft are due to announce something ‘big’ and ‘Pac-Man-related’. Probably a 360 Live remake or something, sigh.
– The average Brit…

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Joox offers free streaming episodes of 24, Lost, Life On Mars…

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The future of TV is online, apparently. Delivering the latest episodes via your broadband connection is the next big business model for studios and broadcasters, with you able to watch on your PC, or stream it to your telly. Apple is already working on this premise, while online firms like Joost have been signing deals to take advantage too.

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Will ad-funded TV streams kill off the video download market?

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stu-mugshot2.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

There’s no shortage of big firms trying to sell us video downloads, including Apple and Microsoft. In theory, they should be pushing at an open door. Faster broadband connections are more widespread, devices like Apple TV make it easy to watch these downloads on our proper TVs, and more people have video iPods or PMPs to watch these vids on the go, too.

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Blinkx Remote: watch any TV show you want online

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blinkx-remote.jpgWell, almost any. Blinkx Remote is a new service that helps you find full-length TV shows online. You can search by series and episode to watch shows including Doctor Who, 24, South Park and, er, Dora The Explorer. Check Techscape for the full story.

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