Dell Looking Glass tablet PC leaks

Gerald Lynch Tablet, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Quite a few Dell leaks trickling in today. Following on from the Lightning Windows 7 Phone earlier, here's a quick look at Dell's latest tablet PC, the Dell Looking Glass. This latest iPad rival looks to be a larger-sized version…

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Apple releases iPhone firmware 2.2: better maps, Mail, Safari, podcasts, call quality

Andy Merrett iPhone 14 Comments


I realise that this is fairly irrelevant news if you don’t own an iPhone, but for die-hard Apple handset fans, the big news of the day is that firmware version 2.2 is finally here and ready to download.

As usual, it’s a fairly hefty download, so beef up your broadband connection for the 246MB ride.

Once done, you’ll get some nifty new features. How useful they are depends on how you use the iPhone, of course…

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Sharp pleases all sizes of consumers, with new 22" – 32" LCD Aquos TVs

Katherine Hannaford Computers, Home cinema Leave a Comment

Sharp is constantly thinking of new innovative ways in the home cinema world, whether that be through creating the world’s thinnest LCD Aquos TV, or the world’s smallest LCD screen. This week they’ve moved on to creating mini LCDs available in just 22″ of HD joy.

If 22″ is a tad too small for your home cinema habits, then perhaps the 26″ or 32″ models would suit you better. All…

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