VIDEO: MWC 2011 Top Ten Best In Show Phones and Tablets

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As the dust settles over another Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, it's time to reflect on the best new gear previewed at the 2011 event. From LG's 3D tablet to Facebook's tie-in with HTC, it's been a show that,…

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MWC 2011: Acer Iconia Smart 21:9 handset hands-on preview video

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Now here's an interesting smartphone from the folks over at Acer. The above video features the Acer Iconia Smart, a media-orientated smartphone that pushes its cinematic credentials to the fore by boasting an unusual 21:9 screen ratio and Dolby Surround…

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Philips to launch Cinema 21:9 LCD super-widescreen TV

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I always thought the point of buying a widescreen TV was to get rid of those black bars at the top and bottom of films until I bought one and someone explained to me that 16:9 was not the full cinema aspect ratio. Thankfully, Philips is now here to stop any such disappointment with the announcement of their Cinema 21:9 LCD TVs.

The 56″ screens will be available…

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