Denon announces the DBP-2010 Blu-ray player

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Denon has announced the latest addition to their Blu-ray line-up: The DBP-2010.

I want to call it a high-end Blu-ray player but it isn’t really. Not compared to some of Denon’s other Blu-ray machines. Mind you, this one costs £599 and not £3,300 like the VD-A1UD.

That’s not to say that the DBP-2010 isn’t a good bit of kit because, a quick look at the spec, will show you that it is.

It has Profile 2.0 capability with built in BD-Live and Bonus View via the ethernet port. It can play multiple formats – pretty much any shiny circular disc you can imagine – and it has 10-bit video processing for both HD and SD viewing. It also offers upconversion and IP scaling up to 1080p.

Sound wise it features 7.1 analogue outputs with full decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. For music via CD it has a dedicated two-channel analogue audio output. The DBP-2010 also supports DivxHD and AVCHD playback from HD camcorders.

It’s out this month and, as mentioned, it’s going to set you back £599. You can get it in either black or silver. Interested? If so, check availability via Denon.

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LG to launch 15-inch OLED in 2010

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In an interview with OLED Info, Won Kim, LG’s vice president of OLED sales and marketing confirmed that the electronics conglomerate will be releasing a 15-inch OLED TV in its native Korea in December 2009 – January 2010. Kim went on to say that a global roll-out will follow.

Last month we told you how Sony are planning to release a 21-inch OLED TV at around the same time as LG are predicting their 15-inch release. Samsung and Panasonic are both aiming for 40-inch versions during 2010 as well. It seems like the competition in the OLED market is really hotting up.

Kim also hinted that LG have not completely dismissed the notion of OLED screens on their mobile phones as has been recently speculated. He said that two phones had been tailored in Korea with OLED screens and stated that “OLED phones will not only survive entrenched LCD ones but position as a premium segment”.

(via OLED Info)

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UK government not making democracy easy or fun – no "e-voting" for the UK

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If you want to exercise your demographic right to say you’d rather have a blue politician representing you than a red one, you’re going to have to carry on with the tiresome old ‘ticking boxes with a pen’ system – there will be no “e-voting” for the likes of us any time soon.

Michael Wills, the minister for justice, told parliament that “The Government does not plan to introduce e-voting for the 2009 European or local elections,” meaning it’s off to the local primary school with your little postcard of power…

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Internet founder: IPv4 addresses will run out in 2010

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When IP, or “internet protocol” was invented in 1977, no-one imagined that we’d actually get through the 4.2 billion possible addresses. Turns out that there are only 600 million or so left, and given the rate at which mobile phones are going online, there’s every chance we could run out as soon as 2010….

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Start collecting tins of Heinz, the internet apocalypse is hitting 2010!

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edvard-munch-scream.jpgAt the rate most internet users are going, joining up to social networking site upon social networking site, spamming the internet with their emo thoughts and feelings, videos and photos, the news that the internet could be ‘all full up’ by 2010 seems a little optimistic.

It’s all to blame on increased internet traffic, according to analysts Nemertes Rsearch Group, who have…

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