Sky Go adds Eurosport streaming for Tour De France, Le Mans coverage

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Sky have added Eurosport to the suite of channels available through their on-the-go live video streaming app, Sky Go. With a busy summer of sport just over the horizon, Eurosport will add live coverage of the Tour De France cycling…

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Tapulous to follow Tap Tap Revenge iPhone app success with Riddim Ribbon game featuring the Black Eyed Peas

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Taplulous' Tap Tap Revenge iPhone app proved a surprise success, taking on the rhythm gaming big-guns like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and beating them at their own game. Tap Tap Revenge proved wildly popular, and now Tapulous are looking…

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Survive the snow with these cool gadgets

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If you live in the UK and look outside your window today, odds on the world around you is covered in snow. It may have been a good laugh when you were little, hiding stones in snowballs and peeing your…

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UPDATED: BlackBerry Storm II due in September

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Although we weren’t massive fans of the BlackBerry Storm when it arrived in our office, we’re still pretty excited about this rumour. Sources suggest that RIM will be releasing a second iteration of the touchscreen BlackBerry in September this year.

One of the biggest failings of the original Storm, aside from the horrible touchscreen, was that it didn’t support Wi-Fi. The new version apparently will, which will make BlackBerry fans happy. If you ask me, though, they’ve got a long way to go before they can reach the user experience delights of Nokia or Apple phones or the G1.

(via SlashGear)

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