One Billionth app downloader wins $10,000 iTunes voucher

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If you know Connor Mulcahey, age 13, of Weston, CT, I wouldn’t bother buying him any music for his birthday. Ever.

Connor was the downloader of the one billionth application from the Apple App Store this afternoon. The lucky app was Bump, an information exchange app as created by Bump Technologies and it’s taken just nine months of the store being open for the milestone to pass.

Little Connor is now the proud owner of iPod Touch, Time Capsule, MacBook Pro and a $10,000 iTunes gift voucher. Not bad for an impulse buy.


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iPhone confirmed as a serious games machine – SEGA's Monkey Ball sells 300,000 in three weeks

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SEGA, maker of the legendary Super Monkey Ball series, told moneyman blog the Wall Street Journal that it’s sold 300,000 copies of Monkey Ball via the App Store in the 20 days since launch. At $9.99 a pop, that’s one hell of a cash cow for all involved.

“It gives iPhone a justifiable claim to being a viable gaming platform, ” said Simon Jeffery, president of Sega’s US arm. It also means Nintendo and Sony might…

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Better put your clothes on! British Transport Police owns a $60,000 flying video-enabled robot!

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Good to see our taxes are going towards worthy things, like supplying the British Transport Police with one of these $60,000 r/c flying robots.

Apparently the theft of metal on our British railways is a huge problem, so the Transport Police use these expensive Microdrones to target the thieves – with the bots’ squirting water at the perps. It’s…

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Get P Diddy on the phone, Tiffany & Co. has created a $94k mobile handset!

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tiffany-phone%282%29.jpgThat, my friends, is what you’re going to be buying your loved one this Valentine’s Day. What, are you balking at the $94,000 price-tag? DO YOU NOT LOVE YOUR OTHER HALF THAT MUCH?! Shame on you, I hope he/she gives you one of these next week, then.

This phone, which you can guarantee Nicolas Sarkoz will be buying for Carla Bruni next week, was created by jewellery makers Tiffany & Co., and Softbank Mobile. Whilst the press release issued…

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Eee PC an actual statistical success – 350,000 sold already, says Asus

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It’s today’s Asus Eee PC News of the Day!

Today’s Asus Eee PC news is the official global sales figures for the thing so far – it’s done a whopping 350,000 already, compared with the official pre-launch estimate/hope of 300k. And if parent company Asustek could’ve made more it would’ve sold more – Eee PCs of all specs and sizes are still annoying sold out pretty much worldwide.

To celebrate, here’s a particularly angelic and festive promotional image of a lovely happy family all brought together by the mega-portable laptop:


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All across Europe, people are sniffling over the sold-out LG Viewty

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iphone-LG-Viewty.jpgWe’ve all heard about the Viewty handset from LG, and it’s reputed iPhone killing skillz, why, I bet we’ve all heard the story about when the two met in that dive bar down in Hackney and the carnage caused by the spec’d up Viewty. Well. It appears the general public thinks the phone is pretty special too, as it’s sold out in Europe in less than a month.

All 200,000 units…

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$6,000 spare, and a lot of pent-up anger? Bash a chunk of metal into an armchair, with the Do Hit Chair

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People with an excessive amount of money irritate me, the way they can justify spending $6,020 on a chunk of metal, bash it with a sledgehammer, and call the compressed-car-type steel ‘furniture’. And probably claim it on tax as it was ‘therapy’.

What am I rabbiting on about, you ask? The Do Hit Chair, which is a 0.04″ thick steel cube, which you can style into your own armchair by bashing it with a sledgehammer. Of course, the key is not to go overboard…

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Gold and diamond-encrusted Formula 1 Spyker mobile seen at Hong Kong Electronics Fair

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gold-phone-hong-kong.jpgIf you thought Vertu mobiles cost more than your arm and leg, then wait until you hear how much this one from Formula 1 team Spyker will set you back.

Coming in at a whopping £30,000, it won’t just cost you an arm and a leg, more likely all your limbs and…

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