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sex dot com thumb.JPGFeeling both saucy AND entrepreneurial? Then you'll be pleased to hear that the URL is up for sale, with the bidding starting at a measly $1 million.

It's been a chequered history for, the subject of both a decade long legal battle and numerous books. ESCOM currently hold the site (which has stagnated into a news, horoscopes and shops portal), but have been forced to a foreclosure "for default in the payment of debt and performance of obligations owed" following their reported $14 million acquisition of in 2006.

To qualify to bid at the site's auction, buyers "must appear at the auction with a certified bank check in the amount of $1,000,000." No cheapskates allowed this time around it seems.

To the lucky auction winner: why not think about picking up a Panasonic 3D camera? A domain like that AND the extra dimension...just think of the possibilities!

philips-warm-intimate-massager-uk-launchjpg.jpgThe top secret Warm Intimate Massager SEX MACHINE from Philips will be going on sale in the UK later this month, according to business reports from The Times.

Aimed at couples, the baffling and as-yet-unseen gadget will be "nonpenetrative" for your enhanced comfort, available in single and double configurations (TOP TIP: Don't use the word "configurations" during sex, it always kills the mood), with the double version coming with - get this! - three rechargeable electric candle lights to 'enhance the mood' and make you feel like you're Julia Roberts and he's a younger Richard Gere.

tenga-flip-hole-masturbator.jpgIt looks like an H.R. Geiger creation from the wrong angle, but it isn't - it's the latest in home entertainment solutions for the single man.

It's a wanking toy, basically. Let's not beat about the bush. We're all men here. You put your winkle in it and imagine it's your favourite one out of Girls Aloud, until you lose interest and need to get a cup of tea and a sandwich.

A tube filled with soft silicon lumps, the Tenga Flip can safely accommodate "items" with a "width" of up to two inches (*looks down*) and a length of up to 6.5 inches (*looks down again, tears start to well up*).


The Reg has pointed us to a rather saucy video advertising Vavoom 'Call Me Panty' knickers, which are "special panties for that special someone. Simply turn your phone to vibrate". As you're suddenly realising, as the blood drains from your head, these pants have a little pocket on the front for holding your mobile phone, just as long as it's set to 'vibrate'. Finally, a way for your BlackBerry to really come in between you and your loved one, and for only $8.95 as well.

(via Register Hardware)

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pole dancer clock 200 pix.jpgA sexy alarm clock could make it a little too hard to get out of bed in the mornings but fortunately there's nothing remotely erotic about the pole-dancer on this timepiece.

Perhaps there's a statement being made here about the plastic superficiality of the sex industry but I seriously doubt it and with such impressive features as "Pole/Dancer", "Music", "Alarm" and "Time" I'd give this temporal teaser a miss.

Chuck away a perfectly good £19.99 if you've some nob 'ed mate with an IQ of one who'll never cease to be amused but I know a place where you can see 20 real, live naked women for the same amount - well, 19.99.

Drinkstuff (via Nerd Approved)

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phantom_keystroker.jpgHere's a particularly sneaky gadget, just in time for April Fool's Day. Disguised as a random circuit board (admittedly not the most discreet choice), plug the Phantom Keystroker into your victim's USB port and it'll either intermittently blurt out random text or take over the mouse, depending on what you set it to.


I'm not going to be juvenile about this, because Tenga says its aim is to make male masturbation a classy, open and up-front experience that "anybody can enjoy". How? By launching five 'ONACUPS' - or, as they will probably be known by the time they reach the UK, 'wank mugs'.

There's a Deep Throat cup, a Soft Tube cup, a Rolling Head cup, an Air Cushion cup, and a Double Hole cup. You're better off not asking about that last one. All offer, er, unique features. So the Deep Throat cup has valves to create an internal vaccuum, complete with slurping sound and vibration, while the Rolling Head cup has, yes, a flexible rolling head.

Meanwhile, the Air Cushion cup has 24 air-cushion chambers for increased sensitivity. And so on. The products are only being sold in Japan at the moment, but Tenga says it plans to export them to the West "after we develop large size products".

I promise I'm not making that quote up - slurring the manhood of an entire nation isn't my thing. This may be an elaborate spoof, but if not, I reckon they'll be a Nuts covermount by the end of the year.

Tenga Onacups website

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There are several features lacking from iPhone, including 3G and video recording. Oh, and it doesn't come with a buzzing cock-ring attached, which is a pretty serious omission. Thankfully, LoveHoney has stepped into the breach, with its new VibraExciter Mobile Phone Sex Toy for Men.

It is, yes, a vibrating cock-ring, that plugs into your iPhone (or, indeed, any mobile handset) and gives you buzzy thrills whenever you receive a call or text. In the case of a call, it keeps vibrating until you hang up, whereas in the case of a text, you get 20-30 seconds worth. There's also a manual activation button if you get bored waiting.

The device costs £24.99, and is available now. Right, I have to go. I'M ON THE TRAIN. OH GOD. YES! YES! YES! I'M ON THE TRAIN! OH GOD! YES! Etc.

VibraExciter product page

Shiny Video Review: Hello Kitty vibrators

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I try and limit the amount of sex toys we show here on Tech Digest, instead leaving it up to Zara and the girls over at our sister-site Shiny Shiny. True, they may be electrical products, and give you, ahem, great pleasure much like the latest mobile phone...but really, how many vibrators do you want to see when skiving off work, reading Tech Digest?

I'll make an exception with this one though, the Hello Kitty vibrators, which Stuart actually wrote about recently. They're finally on sale in the UK, through LoveHoney, for £19.99 and £24.99 each.

Lovehoney Hello Kitty vibrators

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hello-kitty-vibrator.jpgWhat to do if you're a big fan of Hello Kitty with an aching shoulder? Well, you'll be needing this Hello Kitty Shoulder Massager then. It costs £24.99, comes in four colours (pink, lilac, red and black, since you ask), and is available from UK website LoveHoney.

Hang on a mo, don't they sell... Well, yes. LoveHoney is, in fairness, a sex toys retailer. And it's fair to say that this particular massager can be used to provide vibrating goodness for other parts of your anatomy, if you don't mind SULLYING A BEAUTIFUL ICON OF CUTENESS AND PURITY WITH FILTHY FILTHY SELF-PLEASURE, of course.

It originally went on sale ten years ago in Japan, and were genuinely meant for shoulders. "The vibrators were withdrawn from sale several years ago and became something of an urban myth and very sought-after, but we've managed to track them down," says LoveHoney head buyer Bonny Hall.

The site is also selling a £19.99 Hello Kitty Keychain Massager, for more discreet fun on the go. Even its ears and nose vibrate, y'know. What next for LoveHoney though? My bet's on a Sylvanian Families vibrator...

Hello Kitty Vibrators

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How do you recycle a tonne of vibrators?


Earlier this year, sex toy firm LoveHoney announced a vibrator recycling scheme (no, it didn't mean selling secondhand Rampant Rabbits - that's recycling as in breaking down and reusing for other stuff). Anyway, they've just released a video showing the first tonne of donated vibrators being crunched at the SWEEEP recycling centre in Kent. Check it out below.

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Men! Your sex life needs a Ballbra Bare...

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ballbra-bare.jpg/>Call me a bush-skulking pervert if you like, but when I see a product that's described as 'high tech underwear designed to be worn while having sex', my ears prick up. Just my ears, mind.

Sadly, the Ballbra Bare doesn't include Bluetooth, an iPod dock, or a nanobot. Instead, it's a bit like a Wonderbra for your two veg, "leaving the penis free while harnessing the balls securely for explosive orgasms". Lordy.

It looks like a thong from the rear, and is thankfully machine washable. Maybe that's the high-tech feature. Expect to pay £13.99 from LoveHoney.

Ballbra Bare product page

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Chrome chastity belt to keep 'things' in check


Genital-organ-chamber.jpgSorry about this. Hope it doesn't put you off your tea too much. If you're into weird fantasy sex and have a lot of money, this £730 "Genital organ chamber" might come in a bit handy.

Or if you're a lady and your man tends to spend a little bit too much time on the internet on his own, and is always hurriedly closing windows when you enter the room, fitting him with this beforehand might help put your mind at rest.

Anyway. It's some metal underpants. For men. So nothing can be accessed without permission. You can get more (CAUTION: GRAPHIC) information over at unsurprisingly German maker Latowski's web site. Not that we're accusing you of being into this sort of thing, obviously.

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The world's first sex-toy recycling scheme

lovehoney-amnesty.jpgEw. Just ew. Does anyone seriously want a secondhand Rampant Rabbit vibrator? Even if it's been given a good wash. I can't see LoveHoney's Rabbit Amnesty scheme catching on...

Oh, hang on. It's okay, this is about recycling, not about getting your hands (well, your something) on a secondhand sex-toy. The idea is to save you the hassle and shame of taking a bag full of worn-out buzzy things to the local electrical waste collection centre.

Instead, send your old Rabbit to LoveHoney, and they'll dispose of it in an eco-friendly stylee, donate £1 to a green charity, and sell you a new one for half-price. Marvellous. Now, do I have any takers for a slightly soiled pair of Chinese love balls...

LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty website

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Opinion: Can Blu movies make HD exciting?

Jon_small_new.jpgJonathan Weinberg writes...

IS anyone else bored to tears with the whole Blu-ray v HD-DVD debate. I know I am.

Rival film studios and techno firms are falling over themselves to tell us how great their particular new format is, in a desperate bid to cajole us into spending thousands of pounds replacing perfectly good hardware and our massive DVD collections.

I totally agree movies look better in the new digital prints, but then there's the whole 1080i and 1080p full high-definition shenanigans to put up with. In TV terms, it's a real turn-off.

The only thing that gets me remotely interested is the PORN part of the debate - but more on that below including a great little YouTube video!

sexy-tony-blair.jpgWhat's that? You don't tend to take your opinion-forming political polls from sex toy websites? More fool you then.

Visitors to LoveHoney have spoken, and whereas 33% of them said Tony Blair is the man they'd least like to be stranded on a desert island with, 20% said the object they'd most like to take would be a vibrator with "unlimited" batteries. 9% said an iPod, incidentally.

What they'd do when faced with a George Bush butt plug was, sadly, not one of the questions asked in LoveHoney's survey.

Desert Island survey results

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